As my first article, I wanted to write about my Wacom Tablet. And how I use it.
I use the Wacom Intuos Pro M Wireless, with the wireless option installed. I found after trial and error that this is the right size for my needs. The stroke is not to wide and I have enough room to draw precise. Also this tablet is more acurate then the lower “entry” models with it’s 5080 lpi and 2048 pressure levels. You simply cannot compare this with other brands like Trust, Huion or Ugee

In the beginning I struggled a lot with getting use to it. And my main problem -compared to a mouse- was the pressure sensitivity. With a mouse you don’t have this option. Finally I deactivated this option on all my tools and brushes in Photoshop. So now it’s working like a mouse, but much faster and more precise. I use my @ and &, to change the size of my brushes or tools. (More on this in another article)

What I also like is the size and feel. The size is a little bit bigger then the 13″ macbook pro. And you can easely take it with you in a shoulderbag. The wireless option is particular handy because you can hold the tablet like a drawing block on your lap.
Also don’t go cheap, because cheap means almost always more expensive. The bamboo versions are fun, but in my opinion not good enough for retouching purposes. And when finally you get use to, you will end up buying this pro version.

So here you go and have fun.